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Order 1 oz. samples from our web site www.specialteacompany.comeach sample makes about 10 cups of tea. Please remember the sample teas are not  infused with CBD. Our CBD is tasteless so there is will no difference if flavor when you order infused tea.

With over 350 gourmet teas to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start.
Please download our full catalog and review and please free to contact us with any questions.

1000 Cranes White Tea Blend
Almond “J” Black Tea
Almond Black Tea
Almond Cookies Green Tea
A-maize-ing Fruit Tea
Anti-Strain Ayurvedic Tea
Apple Black Tea
Apple Cinnamon Tisane Green Tea
Apple Dumpling Black Tea
Apple Fig Sencha (seasonal) Green Tea
Apple Molasses Black Tea
Apple, Caramel & Almond Black Tea
Apricot Brandy Black Tea
Arctic Fire Black Tea
Arthur’s Apricot Black Tea
Assam Jungle Cabernet Black Tea
Assam Reserve Black Tea
Assam Valley Malty Breakfast Black Tea
Auntie’s Pumpkin Pie Black Tea
Arena Dream Herbal Tea
Back Porch Blend Black Tea
Bai Hao Silver Needle White Tea
Bai Mu Dan Superior White Tea
Balance Tea Ayurvedic Tea
Banana Black Tea
Banana Split Tea Black Tea
Bancha Green Tea
Bao Zhong White Tea
Bengal Cha Black Tea
Berree Grey Black Tea
Black French Mint Black Tea
Black Fruits Tea Black Tea
Black Vanilla Rose Black Tea
Blackcurrant Black Tea
Blood Orange Black Black Tea
Blue Lady Earl Grey Green and Rooibos
Bluebells Black Tea
Blueberry Organic Black Tea
Blueberry Crumb Cake Green Tea
British Blend Black Tea
Buddhas Meditation Herbal Tea
Butter Truffle Black Tea
Butterscotch Tea Black Tea
Candy Caramel Apple Black Tea
Cape Nectar Organic Rooibos Tea
Caramel Berry Spice Black Tea
Caramel Black Tea
Caramel Macchiato Rooibos Tea
Caramel Mate
Caribbean Black Tea
Caribbean Delight Black Tea
Caribbean Fruit Rooibos Tea
Carrot Cake Rooibos Tea
Casablanca Earl Grey Black and Green
Chai of Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Herbal Tea
Chamomile Flower Organic
Chamomile Lavender Organic
Champagne & Berries
Champagne Raspberry White Tea
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Cola Cake Tea Black Tea
Cherry Tea Black Tea
Chili Truffle Black Tea
China Orange Pekoe
China Sencha Organic
Chocolate Almond Black Tea
Chocolate Black Tea
Chocolate Coconut Black Tea
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Chocolate Cream Truffles
Chocolate Cream Truffles Rooibos
Chocolate Mint Fusion
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Peanut Butter Black Tea
Chocolate Pu’erh Tea
Chocolate Raspberry Black Tea
Chocolate Rum Black Tea
Chocolate Spiced Fudge Black Tea
Cholestea Green Tea
Cinnamon Apple Oolong Tea
Cinnamon Apple Spice Black Tea
Cinnamon Apple with Chamomile Fruit Tea
Cinnamon Black Tea
Cinnamon Cider Black Tea
Cinnamon Orange Spice Black Tea
Cinnamon Plum Black Tea
Cinnamon Roll Black Tea
Cinn-O-Bun Tea Black Tea
Citrus Burst Pu’erh
Citrus Sorbet Oolong
Coco-Chico Black Tea
Coconut Almond Sencha Green Tea
Coconut Black Tea
Coconut Chai Black Tea
Coconut Cream Egg Black Tea
Coconut Custard Rooibos Tea
Coconut Vanilla Black Tea
Cold Comfort Herbal Tea
Cookies For Santa Black Tea
Cranberry Glow Green Tea
Cranberry Orange Rooibos Tea
Creamy Earl Grey Black Tea
Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea
Dark Night Black Tea
Decaf Apricot with Flowers Black Tea
Decaf Chocolate Chai Black Tea
Decaf Green Sencha Green Tea
Detoxify Me Herbal Tea
Dragon Well, 1st Grade Quing Ming Green Tea
Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel Black Tea
Earl Grey Black Tea

Earl Grey Blend Tea With Chocolate
Earl Grey De La Crème Rooibos Tea
Earl Grey Green Tea
Earl Grey Rooibos Tea
Enchanted Forest Green Tea
Energitea Green Tea
Energize Me Herbal Tea
English Breakfast Black Tea
English Breakfast Organic Tea
Fanciest Formosa Oolong Tea
Fasting Ayurvedic Tea
Fig and Lavender Black Tea
Fig Formosa Oolong Tea
French Plum (Mirabel) Black Tea
Ginger Fresh Tea Ayurvedic Tea
Genghis Khan Black Tea
Ginger Jasmine Green Tea
Ginger Orange Green Oolong Tea
Ginger Peach Black Tea
Ginger Pepper Orange Rooibos
Ginger Root Organic Tea
Ginseng Oolong Tea
Goji Berry Herbal Tea
Golden Monkey Superior Black Tea
Grandma’s Apple Pie Black Tea
Green Honeybush Nut Crunch Green Tea
Green Lemonade Green Tea
Green Lychee Green Tea
Green Plum and Pear Green Tea
Green Rooibos Tea
Green Zinger Green Tea
Guava Flavored Black Tea
Guolu First Grade Organic Green Tea
Hazelnut Black Tea
Hazelnut Vanilla Oolong Tea
Hearthside Toddy Black Tea
Herbal Berry Chai Herbal Tea
Herbal Chocolate Chai Tea
Herbal Coconut Chai Rooibos Tea
Herbal Hibiscus Tea
Herbal Relaxer Herbal Tea
Hibiscus Flowers Herbal Tea
Hibiscus Green Tea
​Hibiscus Herbal Tea (cut and sifted)
Honey Almond Fruit Tea
Honey Bear Rooibos Tea
Honey Black Tea
Honey Ginger Green Tea
Honey Vanilla Nectar Rooibos Tea
Honeybell Blossom White Tea
Honey bush Rooibos Tea
Hot Chocolate Mint-T Black Tea
Hot Tamale Black Tea
Huang Jin Gui Oolong Tea
Huckleberry Black Tea
Irish Breakfast (organic) Black Tea
Irish Cream Black Tea
It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Rooibos Tea
Jasmine Black Cream Green Tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine Pearls Green Tea
Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea
Jazzy Mint Green Tea
Just Orange Black Tea
Kaleidoscope Black Tea
Keemun Black Tea
Keeping Up with the Kranberry’s Fruit Tea
Kenya “Malaika” GFOP Black Tea
Kettle Corn Tea Black Tea
Key Lime Pie Black Tea
Kiss My *** Black Tea
Kiwi Black Tea
Kochi Black Tea
Lady Red Rooibos Tea
Lapacho Herbal Tea
LapSong Soughing Black Tea
Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea
Lemon Black Tea
Lemon Chamomile Herbal Tea
Lemon Citrus Organic Green Tea
Lemon Ginger Snap Green Tea
Lemon Honeybush Rooibos Tea
Lemon Ice Green Tea
Lemon Jade Sencha Green Tea
Lemon Lavender Black Tea
Lemon Mint Sencha Green Tea
Lemongrass Organic Herbal Tea
Licorice Black Tea
London High Black Tea
Love Shack Black Tea
Malted Millionaire Black Tea
Mango Coconut Green Tea
Mango Tango Black Tea
Manhatton Earl Grey Blend Black Tea
Maple Taffy Black Tea
Masala Chai Black Tea
Matcha Organic
Matcha Blueberry
Matcha Raspberry
Matcha Vanilla
Mayan Cacao Black Tea
Mens Activity Tea Ayurvedic Tea
Meyer Berry Sencha Green Tea
Meyer Lemon Black Tea
Mid Summers Night Dream Black & Green Tea
Midnight Choco Loco Black Tea
Midnight Rose Black Tea
Mint Chamomile Herbal Tea
Mint Fusion Black Tea
Mocha Russian Tea Black Tea
Monks Black Organic Black Tea
Moroccan Mint Green Tea
Mountain Berry Herbal Tea
Mt Everest Breakfast Black Tea
Mulled Wine Fruit Blend
Naughtea and Spice Black Tea

Neapolitan Ice Cream Tea Black Tea
Nigiri Organic Black Tea
Noel Christmas Black Tea
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Black Tea
Orange Blossom (China) Black Tea
Orange Cookie Black Tea
Orange Spice Black Tea
Orange Vanilla White Chocolate Black Tea
Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea
Passion Fruit Black Tea
Peach Oolong Tea
Pear Cinnamon Herbal Tea
Pear Spice Herbal Tea
Peppermint Herbal Tea
Peppermint Bark Black Tea
Persian Lime Black Tea
Pina Colada Black Tea
Pineapple Black Tea
Pineapple Coconut Black Tea
Pineapple Upside Down Cake Tea Black Tea
Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea
Pink Ribbon Peppermint Rooibos Tea
Pink Sonoma White Tea
Polar Fire Rooibos Tea
Pomegranate Black Tea
Positively Peach Black Tea
Presidential Blend: Black Forest Fruit Tea
Pu’erh Leaf Organic Tea
Pumpkin Cream Rooibos Tea
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea
Raspberry Cream Black Tea
Raspberry Ginger White Tea
Raspberry Lavender Herbal Tea
Raspberry Orange Sencha Green Tea
Raspberry Rose Petal Herbal Tea
Red Fruit Rooibos Tea
Relax & Digest Herbal Tea
Rhubarb Cream Rooibos Tea
Rice Crispy Treat Black Tea
Risheehat 1st Flush Darjeeling Black Tea
Roasted Almond Fruit Tea
Roasted Almond Rooibos Tea
Roasted Mate Herbal Tea
Rooibos Tea
Rosy Earl Grey Black Tea
Royal Velvet White Tea
Russian Caravan Fruity Black Tea
Rwanda Black Tea
Salted Chocolate Caramel Black Tea
Scottish Breakfast Blend Black Tea
Serengeti Red Rooibos Tea
Sicilian Vespers White Tea
Sleep Herbal Tea
Smokey Rum Black Tea
Soothing Sencha Green Tea
Spicy Plum Black Tea
Spritz of Glitz Green Tea
Strawberry Cream Green Tea
Strawberry Mango Pu-erh Tea
Strawberry Seduction Green Tea
Strawberry Sundae Green Tea
Stimulating Tea Ayurvedic Tea
Stress Blocker Herbal Tea
Summer Berries Herbal Tea
Summer Breeze Black Tea
Super Pekoe Strong Tea
Supreme Detox Green Tea
Supreme Detox Caffeine Free
Supreme Roasted Mate
Sweet Cinnamon Rooibos Tea
Sweet Pea Green Tea
Sweet Serenitea Black Tea
Tangerine Sage Green Tea
Tango With Earl Grey Blend Black Tea
Tanzanian Silverneedle Organic White Tea
The 8 Treasures of the Shaolin Green Tea
The Spirit of Christmas Green Tea
The Taj Black Tea
Tibetan Eye of the Tiger Black Tea
Traditional Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea
Treasures of the Inca Green Tea
Tropical Earl Grey Black Tea
Tropical Mist Green Tea
Tulsi Orange Ginger Ayurvedic Herbal Tea
Tummy Tamer Herbal Tea
Tung Ting (Jade Oolong) Oolong Tea
Tuo Cha Pu-erh Tea
Turkish Green Apple Green Tea
Vanilla A La Crème Black Tea
Vanilla Bean Black Tea
Vanilla Cream Black Tea
Very Vanilla Rooibos Tea
Vintage Earl Grey Black Tea
Vitalitea Herbal Tea
Walnut Tea Green Tea
White Chocolate Coconut Latte Green Tea
White Chocolate Laced with Mint White Tea
White French Mint White Tea
White Hibiscus White Tea
White Lagoon White Tea
White Monkey Green Tea
White Tangerine Tea White Tea
Whoopie Pie Black Tea
Wild Cherry Blossom Black Tea
Winter Festival Black and Green Tea
Winter Nog Rooibos Tea
Winter Pine Green Tea
Winter Punch Rooibos Tea
Winter Solstice Herbal Tea
Winter mint Herbal Tea
Wisdom Pu-Erh Chai Tea
Women’s Activity Tea Ayurvedic Tea
Yerba Mate
Yoga Tea Ayurvedic Tea

Remember, you can order 1 oz. samples from our web site each sample makes about 10 cups of tea. Please remember the sample teas are not infused with CBD. Our CBD is tasteless so there is will no difference if flavor when you order infused tea.​

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Our content does not constitute a medical consultation.
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Hemp Derived CBD. Non-Detectable THC.
Our content does not constitute a medical consultation.
See a certified medical professional for diagnosis.
Hemp Derived CBD. Non-Detectable THC.
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Contact us for all your CBD related questions!

If you have any questions about our service, our pricing, our support, or if you would like some general advice on starting your own tea business, then please do call us, email us, complete the form, or drop us a note.


(407) 601-4944



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